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Hyper Local SEO

Welcome to Hyper Local SEO. We offer website optimisation services for small to medium size businesses. Contact us for full details of our services. A recent survey found many SMB Web sites lack important information. For example, 56% of SMB Web sites do not have a street address; 90% lack map or directions; 44%, phone number; 78%, email address; 78%, Facebook link; and 96%, Twitter link.

Making matters worse, 94.5% of SMB Web sites are not ready to accept ecommerce transactions, and 98% do not have mobile optimized Web sites. SMBs that lack a well-organized and optimized Web site also run the risk of not getting found in search engine query results.

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Local search optimisation

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Local search is increasing at a massive rate and this creates opportunity for local businesses to increase their online profile and get more visitors to their websites . Mobile search is expected to account for 20% of all searches by the end of the year . Local search optimisation is essential for websites if they are to make the most of this upswing in demand. Photogold offers a local search optimisation service which can boost new and established websites. Search engine optimisation ( SEO ) is viewed as one of the dark arts by some businesses but it is vital for every website. SEO involves onpage and offpage optimisation. A well optimised site should have a wide range of links from a variety of sources. Phone Photogold on 07723-538941 for more information. Local search optimisation can mean optimising a website for the local area eg Falkirk or Stirling , but it can apply to a wider area for searches in Scotland.