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Free website SEO report


New service  for established websites – our free website SEO report :
Google Webmaster Tools Review: Confirm notices, conduct link
analysis of Webmaster Tool links, review settings and on-page content
On-Site Link Analysis: Conduct a thorough on-site internal link analysis
to identify “unnatural linking issues” (footer links, cross-links, etc.).
Off-Site Link Analysis: Conduct a thorough off-site external link
analysis to identify low-quality, unnatural, or detrimental linking
Anchor Text Analysis: Review external backlink profile to identify
unnatural anchor text weighting practices.
SPAM Audit: Conduct both an on-page and off-page quality analysis
with an eye towards Google guidelines.
Full Site Crawl: A detailed site crawl that covers technical, canonical,
server, and on-page indexing issues.
Content Check: Review and identify duplicated, plagiarized, crossdomain,
and low-quality content issues.
Site Review: Review on-site metrics including average site visits,
bounce rate, and site speed and their penalty triggering effect.
Link Pruning Recommendation(s): Identification of specific links that
should be removed, and advice on how to remove them.
Reconsideration Requests: If manual action is identified, assistance
crafting an EFFECTIVE reconsideration request should be provided.
On-going SEO Support: Follow-up support perhaps via email to clarify
problems or questions as they arise. Phone 07723-538941 for more details

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Hyper Local SEO

Welcome to Hyper Local SEO. We offer website optimisation services for small to medium size businesses. Contact us for full details of our services. A recent survey found many SMB Web sites lack important information. For example, 56% of SMB Web sites do not have a street address; 90% lack map or directions; 44%, phone number; 78%, email address; 78%, Facebook link; and 96%, Twitter link.

Making matters worse, 94.5% of SMB Web sites are not ready to accept ecommerce transactions, and 98% do not have mobile optimized Web sites. SMBs that lack a well-organized and optimized Web site also run the risk of not getting found in search engine query results.